Steve Viken from Biddy B's Donut Factory - July 12th 2012 (Facebook) 

We flew in from Austin Texas yesterday to check out to see if The Frog lived up to their bragging that they do sometimes on FB. Well let me tell you, from the first moment you walk in and speak with Nena (I hope that's how she spells her name) you know you've enter into "not just another business" but someplace special. We got to meet Diana "The Cupcake Dancer" she was everything you see on the videos and more. Nothing but smiles and very sweet! Then we met with "The Myth, The Legend" Employee of The Quarter Mr Mario. Again nothing but smiles. We were treated like we were the only customer The Frog has, even though the place was hoppin! No pun intended lol. Mario listened to everything we had to say. Took notes and then took us out to their HUGE warehouse where we got to see trailers and food trucks being built. Met some really great people out there building these and everyone spoke to you and shook your hand. You can tell these guys take great pride in doing quality work. Seemed like just a huge family. We came back in and Mario started to put our dreams down on paper. Connie (one of the owners) came over and introduced herself and sat down with us for awhile and listened to our dream and gave us some great advice. We also met more great people there. Mario went above and beyond (I'm assuming this is just a normal thing here) to get us the perfect trailer plans down on paper. Then the main Frog came and sat down with us. (Sorry I don't know how to spell your name, so I won't try) Mario explained to him what we wanted. He made sure we were getting, not only what we wanted but exactly what we would need. He wanted to make sure we had no regrets or missed something. Then came down to the negotiating of a price. Mario told us to make sure we looked him in the eyes, smile but look worried and you'll get a better price. Lol. Well it worked. No haggling, no back in fourth, no Car Dealership type negotiations, just a great place with GREAT people and a great price. One Fat Frog is just as advertised. Sorry for the long post but I just had to say something. So if your wanting or just at the dreaming stage let One Fat Frog help make YOUR DREAMS come true. Thanks again to everyone we met. We fly back to Texas with smiles on our faces. See you guys in October to pick up our new Trailer.